Rev. Fr. Christopher Mario Paul Nazareth

Christopher was born the eldest son of four children to his Parents Theresa Ivy and Salis P Nazareth. He lived in a small but comfortable homely house with his brothers Colin ( a very talented singer ) and Cavin, and sister Cherylon. His early days being born in Bangalore on 25th January 1963, studied the primary school at St. Anthony's Boys' School, then went to St. Joseph's Boys' High School, a year at Frank Anthony School for his Indian School Certificate (Std. XI) , went on to complete his B.Sc. at St. Joseph's Arts & Science College. Christopher joined Voltas at Bombay (Mumbai) and was there for a little more than a year. During his College days, Christopher a Cricketer like his father did well for himself by getting into the State Karnataka Under 19 Team, as a Wicket-keeper and Batsman.

While still in school, Christopher had a good ear to God's calling, and wanted to join the Priesthood, but his mother Theresa, convinced him to do his college and then think of going to the Seminary. This move came in handy at a later stage when it cut off 7 years of study when he finally joined the Seminary. Christopher was a very Social and Fun-loving person, and being a good dancer, was in great demand at all the dances and parties. However, although this talent has not left him, he has channeled his objective footwork to playing football, and has presently even refereed many a football match in Italy. He doesn't get much chance to play Cricket at his location, but the basic coaching from his father during his early days has definitely not left him, and he is sure to pass some of his hidden talent to the youth of Italy, if and when Europe decide to get into Cricket, why not US and Canada have taken a dive into it!!

Christopher while in Bombay working for Voltas was in constant touch with his Aunt, Sr. Marilia (his mother's sister) who was of the Canossian Order, and this was where he met one of the Italian Priests of that Order who must have really impressed him to take a step towards God's outstretched hands. Being the first Indian to the Order Christopher had to really struggle the first year to learn Italian as the Seminary was in Italy, and then to go on for the next seven years and become one of God's chosen few. Christopher loves to live out his calling as the Order works among youth and school drop outs or children whose parents have really very little time for them. This Order has many Religious Houses for their Sisters, there's one at Bangalore at Harris Road, but only three Houses for Priests, one at Brazil, Philippines and Italy the Formation House. Christopher mastered his Italian and Latin at Poiano in Verona. He spent a year at Castelli, and was finally Ordained in Verona on 1st May, 1993. He then came down to India for a brief time and said his first Mass at St. Patrick's Church, on 6th June 1993. This was a great occasion for St. Patrick's Church, because unfortunately in it's 150 year history has nurtured and turned out only a handful of Priests. Fr. Hedwig DaCosta of St. Joseph's College was another. It is not clear at this stage if St. Joseph's was more responsible for the Priests or St. Patrick's !! However, much must be said that Christopher's mother Theresa, who kept her eagle eye on her three sons, all of them handsome, Christopher being the most, and then leading them at home in a real prayerful manner, really influenced the environment for Christopher in his early days till the time he left for Bombay (now called Mumbai).

Now, spending time playing football with the kids in Venice where he is anchorage of a Minor Seminary, Christopher continues his education, and is preparing for this Doctorate in Theology, with perhaps a view of returning back to India and opening a Seminary or House there for the Order. Strange as it may seem, the Order was started by a Sr. Magdalena Canossa, who was from a very wealthy family. We are to understand that she is now on the Saint's list. Looking back on Christopher's life, he had everything to lookforward as a young man, all the social life, girlfriends, and lots of dancing, but his call on the inside was always gnawing at him, so perhaps it was good that he went to Bombay, thereby giving him a chance to get away from it all and to make new friends. Christopher picked up his best friend in Bombay, that was Jesus. Let's hope many of the younger people look up to him as an example to also give their lives to the Lord.

(Christopher, Colin and Cavin are all well known to me, and I have met his parents and sister, and they are great people, living simple lives, with a deep religious commited family life, sharing whatever talents they have to those that need. Christopher I understand has been sent to Bombay (Mumbai) to take over a new House opened for the Order - Ron)

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